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01 Mar


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 Sunday night we went to the cinema to watch the movie "Black Swan" starring Natalie Portman <3, Vincent Cassel and Mila Kunis. Opinions about it are different. Some of us loved this amazing film whereas others don't like it because it's too weird or complicated.
The plot is a bit hard to understand even if the English (without subtitles) is very easy to understand. Nina, a ballet dancer who lives with her mother at the age of 28, wants to have the first role of the Swan Lake. Her french boss, Thomas (Vincent Cassel) gives her the role but he wants that she lets express her evil side, the black swan. Thus, Nina develops a double personality and begins to be crazy.
The beginning of the movie is very slow but the crazier Nina is the more the plot speeds up.
Even if not everybody love it, we agree to say that Natalie Portman is totally awesome in addition to the fact that she is so beautiful! (But too thin) She learns to dance ballet as a professional jsut for the movie.
The other good points are the videocamera effects and Tchaicoski's music. We can also see lots of swan symbols all along the movie. We can continue to write lots of things about it but the space of my piece of paper dangerously shrink. So, we just say: see this movie.


28/02 Morning

This is the last day. Once we have left the hostel, we took the train in order to go to Greenwich. We rose at the top of the town to visit the Greenwich's observatory. Some of us (who are crazy) ran to teh top. We set our watches to the right time. After that we contemplated the wondrous landscape in spite of the bad weather, we spend a good time.

We also visited little museums about astronomy and we took pictures near the Greenwich line. We lunched at Greenwich.

Marine C/Mateusz





28/02 Afternoon

This afternoon is the last of this trip. We are tired but we are happy to have done this travel.
After this morning in Greenwich and our lunch, we came back to the hostel to take our suitcases. After that we went to the station to take the train to the airport. We arrived in it at 4p.m. and we waited until 5.20p.m. We took off and now we are going in France a lot of memories in our head!






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