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26 Feb

The second day

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A new day has just began, and the night was always to short.

At 9.30 AM, we went to the underground station to go to the quarter of temple. We began a mistery tour. it called "the Potter tour". We devided the class in 2 groups of 10. We had to answer to some questions and took many photos. After many distractions, we arrived in front of the "Palace museum". We ate on Charring Cross Road.

After the lunch, we went to the British museum, still by underground. In the museum, we had to do a questionnaire of 13 questions. We saw the  most fa;ous piece of the museum, like the "Roseta stone". Wich helped to spell out the Hyeroglifs. We saw too the satue of Ramses II, One of the most famous pharaoh of Eghypte.




Then we go back to the hostel, still by underground, and a group of 6 went to the Tesco market, to buy the food for the dinner. the an other group hqd to cook the dinner (It was Carbonara pastas, salad and fruit salad). It was very delicious . The last group had to do the washing up.

After a very hard day for our feet, and a very good day for our hears and eyes, we discovered the result of the quizz and who was the winner to write the article? It was still us. 

ON this special day, we took some white T-Shirt. and we made a persan on our sauce...

See you tomorrow for a new article. It may sure we will write it again!!!!!!!!!!

It is 00.00AM, and we just finished it!!

Clement P-A Guillaume..... 


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