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26 Feb

A trip to London

Publié par Louis BRUN  - Catégories :  #Archives terminale S

Les élèves de Terminales anglais-euro sont depuis mercredi soir à Londres. Découvrez le récit de leur voyage...



A trip to London

8.20 PM, luggage recording. the trip began with some problems.

9.00 PM, departure to London. The adventure was going to start.

0.00 AM, after a long journey of train and plane, we arrived at the hostel and discovered tiny rooms.

A short night began.


On Thursday morning, we woke up early. After a quick breakfast, we went to the parlement by the underground for a visit.

British don't laugh with the security.






the guid was nice, friendly, and funny. we learnt lots of things about the parlement and the government of United Kingdom. In the warm, and sunshine afternoon, we walked on the "Queen's walk" from Big Ben to the Tower Bridge of about 3 hours. During this walk, we discovered that in London there is many horror attractions like "The Donjon of London". At 5.00 PM, we met each other. We made a meli-melo to pass the time. It was very funny. Then we came back to the hostel. Some people had a rest and other played billard. For dinner, we went to "Mr Wu", a Chimese restaurent. We looked for eat for a very long time. After that, we made a lion ride on the copper lion of Trafalgar square. Then we went to Picadilly Circus and we came back to the hostel by the underground.

Because of a game, we had to write this article. It is 1.00 AM and we just finish.

Good bye

P-A Clement Maxime and Guillaume.






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Solene 04/03/2011 15:34

Il y a encore beaucoup de fautes dans votre article malgré les efforts !


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